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Chuck Radin  is a multi-instrumental musician, performer, producer, and BMI registered songwriter.  All CDs are written, arranged and performed by Chuck.  

Born into a non-musical family, in Toledo, Ohio, Chuck discovered he had a gift of music at the age of 5.  He assembled different size books on the floor and that became his first drum set.  From there, he went on do develop his skills in guitar, piano and organ, bass guitar, harmonica and clarinet.  Chuck has been writing and playing on stages since the age of 9.
He has recorded 7 albums to date and is currently working on new material.  He has written everything from Rock to Pop, and from Electronica to Ballads.  Chuck has written theme songs for professional wrestlers and music for TV, podcasts and youtube videos. 
He has lived and toured across most of this great country from Toledo to Texas, and from North Carolina to Seattle, WA. 
Chuck now lives right outside of Nashville, TN. 

Chuck is a United States Army veteran.  He is very much anti-war, but completely pro-soldier.

Chuck is also responsible for all the artwork and graphics.  Chuck does not, however, take responsibility for any craziness or light-headedness that occurs after listening to any of the music, or after viewing any of the art. 

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Chuck Radin is no longer affiliated with Tate Christian Publishing..
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